Graduation requirements

7.1 Degree that are obtained after completion of the programme
A Degree of Master (120 credits) within the main field Biology, as described in the programme syllabus for Plant Biology Ė Mastersís programme, is obtained after completed course requirements (passed courses) of 120 credits according to the following:
- at least 30 credits in courses with specialised study in the main field plant biology (second cycle A1N, A1F, D)
- at least 30 credits independent project (degree project / second cycle A2E / E) in biology,
- maximum 15 credits may consist of passed courses on first cycle.

Course requirements shall at the same time comply with the following demands:
- 60 credits compulsory programme courses according to approved study plan,
- independent project within biology according to approved study plan and instructions for the programme.

In addition the student must have a Degree of Bachelor or professional qualification consisting of at least 180 credits.

A student that fulfils the requirements for a Degree of Master (120 credits) will, upon request, receive a degree certificate. The degree certificate will state that the student has obtained a Degree of Master (120 credits) with a major in Biology.

The degree certificate will also state that the requirements have been fulfilled according to the programme syllabus for Plant Biology Ė Masterís programme. Detailed course requirements are shown in the study plan, which is approved by the Education committee and is presented in an appendix to the programme syllabus.

7.2 Other possible degrees the student may be awarded after completion of the study programme

The courses included in Plant Biology Ė Masterís programme also makes it possible to get the following degrees on condition that SLUís demands for general qualification are fulfilled:
- Degree of Master (60 credits) with the main field biology
- Degree of Master (120 credits) with the main biology