Research engineer

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Located at the Svartberget Forest Research Station near Vindeln, Sweden

Research engineer

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and its Unit for Field-based Forest Research invite for applications to the open position as a Research Engineer in the area of micrometeorology and environmental measurements.

SLU is a partner of the recently established network of long-term measurement of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations and exchanges between ecosystems and the atmosphere, ICOS Sweden ( ICOS Sweden in turn, is a member of the European ICOS ( The ICOS network includes advanced stations for continuous measurement of the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases and the gas and energy exchanges between ecosystems and the atmosphere. One atmospheric site and two ecosystem sites, one in a forest and one in a mire ecosystem, are located in the vicinity of Vindeln in Northern Sweden. The ecosystem sites have continuous measurements of turbulent fluxes of carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour (eddy-covariance-technique) and energy balance components above the forest and mire, respectively. Furthermore, a number of abiotic ecosystem variables, such as air and soil temperature, radiation components, as well as biological responses in the soil and vegetation, are measured. The atmospheric station will have continuous measurements of concentrations of a range of greenhouse gases in the top of a 150 m high tower. Both automated and manually measurements are performed. We invite a research engineer to work in our team located at the Svartberget Forest Research Station in Vindeln, Sweden.

The position has its base at the forest research station, located in the Svartberget Experimental Forest (Lat 64°14’ N, Long 19°14’ E) near Vindeln, about 70 km northwest of the town Umeå, were the SLU’s campus with the Faculty of Forest Research and the Umeå University are located. The Vindeln Experimental Forests hold about 2500 ha of boreal forest land and serves a manifold of short- and long-term field research projects since 1923.

Duties: The main task of the position will be to participate in the development and maintenance of the ICOS monitoring sites in the Vindeln area. A major part of the work includes supervision, calibration and maintenance of field equipment, on ground and in towers, as well as data handling (transfer, quality check and deliveries). The work includes daily routines as well as temporary intensive campaigns. There may also be participation in other, relevant research projects that are supervised from the research station. The work is performed in collaboration within the ICOS-team, other researcher and research groups and with the staff members at the research station.

Qualifications: The position requires an academic exam in natural/technical science including one or several of the subject’s micrometeorology, physical geography, environmental physics and biogeochemical measurement technology. A Ph.D. within one of these fields of science is desirable but not required. Experience in micro-meteorological methods, automated systems for biochemical research and field measurements, ability to work in meteorological tower up to 150 meter, computing and data management are also considered an advantage. Collaborative competence and ability to structure and prioritise working tasks efficiently are important personal qualifications. The ability to express yourself in speech and writing in English, is also important, and an advantage if in Swedish as well. Driving license is required.

Form of employment: Permanent
SLU uses probationary employment.

Extent: 100%

Starting date: By agreement

Application: We welcome your application marked with Ref no. SLU ua 5101/2013.

Please submit your application to the Registrar of SLU, P.O. Box 7070, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden or no later than December 12, 2013.

SLU is an equal opportunity employer.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) develops the understanding and sustainable use and management of biological natural resources. The university ranks well internationally within its subject areas. SLU is a research-intensive university that also offers unique degree programmes in for example rural development and natural resource management, environmental economics, animal science and landscape architecture.

SLU has just over 3,000 employees, 5,000 students and a turnover of SEK 3 billion. The university has invested heavily in a modern, attractive environment on its campuses in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala.

ICOS - Integrated Carbon Observation System - is a new European research infrastructure for quantifying and understanding the greenhouse gas balance of the European continent and of adjacent regions. The infrastructure is built up as a collaboration of nationally operated measurement stations in 17 European countries. ICOS Sweden is the Swedish contribution to this European effort.

Further information:

  • Mikaell Ottosson Löfvenius, Senior lecturer, +46(0)90 786 83 27, +46(0)70 344 16 65,
  • Charlotta Erefur, Research officer, +46(0)933 615 76, +46(0)70 252 47 02,

Academic union representatives:

  • Saco-S föreningen SLU, SACO, +46 (0)18 671085
  • Inga-Lis Johansson , SEKO, +46 (0)90 786 82 10
  • Hans Åkesson, ST, +46 (0)90 786 83 42

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